Enclosure for Internal Blu-Ray Writer


I was looking to buy external blu-ray writer but I can't find any in Indian Market that supports all regular blu-ray formats along with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc & 3D Blu-ray movies.

However I found 2 internal blu-ray writer which supports everything I need. But I am not sure if internal writer will work with any random enclosure or Sata to USB converter cable that we find on amazon. I know that Sata internal hard-drives work easily using even the cheapest enclosures but I have no idea what type of enclosure works perfectly for full size 41mm height Blu-ray drives. I also don't know if those enclosures/case or sata to usb cables will work in Plug & Play USB mode with optical drives.

Please help if anyone knows, how I can get it to work without any problems.
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