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Posting here so it can get more views and better suggestions

I'm looking for a eBook reader, I have NO idea about eBook readers. So here's what I need

Budget - 3k(+500 if its really worth it, not a penny more)
Screen size - Doesn't really matter but 6"+ would be good (I've read ebooks on a 4" screen )
Connectivity - 3G is a must.
Storage - If I can use a mSD card then it'd be superb
Compatibility - It should be able to open CBR files.
Last but the most important it should be able to open ebooks from third party sites and not just the books bought from its own store. If this can be achieved from flashing the reader, I have no problem.


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I think at 3.5k, it's a lot to ask.

I am using Amazon kindle touch, if reading is your sole purpose you will not be disappointed by it at all. It is available at amazon for Rs. 6,000. During festive season they usually give a discounts of Rs 1,000. It is one of my most beloved possession. You can send articles from web, read newspapers in addition to books. And the reading experience is just awesome. It is worth every penny.

There is no sd slot. It has 4gb space, which is more than enough. Usually kindle books are around 1 MB in size.
No 3G, but it supports wifi.
It has a browser which cannot be more basic, barely usable.

For reading cbr file you easily convert them using calibre to mobi format, which is supported by kindle. And you can also add books to kindle through usb, as you do with android phones. You can find many books online if you don't want to purchase from its store.
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