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Hi Guys and Gals. I am looking to replace my old monitor for a new one as it has started to show some technical issues. I would be using it for mostly Single Player Gaming and Semi-professional photo-editing. My current monitor was Viewsonic VX1932 WM which had 900p resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio which served me really well. I upgrade my PC components in 5-6 years. I feel that upgrading to 1440p on a 27 inch screen hits the sweet spot for my needs. Please help. Thanks in advance.

Purpose - Games (Single Player only), Photo Editing (Semi-Professional)
Resolution and screen size - 1440p -27"
Refresh rate do you want? - 60 Hz or higher
Budget - 15000 - 25000 INR (Indian Rupees)
GPU - My current GPU is Sapphire HD7950. I normally upgrade my PC components in about 5 years. I expect to upgrade my GPU by the year-end.
Acer VG271U is doing me good. You probably can also find some decent 4k 60Hz monitors too around this price
I would recommend that Acer one as well. The only other good choice at 25k is LG 32GK650, but its a 32" device. It is a VA panel, so better contrast but inferior response times & colour reproduction than IPS.

Both of them cost 25k on sales frequently in amazon, can try other sellers as well. I would give first preference to Acer though as you plan to photo edit as well.
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