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Discounted Lumia 920 vs Nexus 4 - HELP!


Broken In
I have a budget of around 25k.

The problem is that, these days you have too many options to decide. I need a phone with a good screen, basic apps (google video chat like vtok(WP has it? - this is a must app for me), watsapp, gmail (heavy mail user), flickr, FB, some games) and for heavy music play.

I don't mind about the camera qualities as I have a DSLR.

With this budget it would've been an easy choice to go with Nexus 4. But since my sis works for Nokia, she can get a Nokia phone with 20% discount. That said, Lumia 920 would be ~24k just like the N4.

I'm really confused, this is my 1st smartphone. I used Samsung wave 2, which sucked big time. What you guys think - N4 or Lumia 920 or anything else?
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