Negative Experience Did i just get scammed by eBay scammer?



My last conversation with the ebay seller who sold me the graphic card. The scammer apparently read this email and knew i had or attempted to go to police.


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Guys, i just called them up.
The same reciever picked up, i recognise his voice. He askes me my name and my registered number and i gave him.
Then you know what he said?
" Aapne complain kia tha na? " (i did send an email to my GPU seller threatening to contact the police"
I replied " maine seller ke yaha complain kiya"
And he says " sorry kuch nahi milega" and hangs up

When i try to call back he cuts the call.

I think this pretty much proves that the seller and the scammer are the same.

His number is 098748 48282
Guys plz convince him to refund my money
did u record the call ? If not darwin award goes to you. Nothing can be done, no one will call.


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You can try it with paytm/ebay.Though chances of getting your money back with this is very low,at least you may help other potential victims of such scam by making ebay/paytm block/put under watch this account/mobile number.


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Gather all the evidences/documents u have and lodge an FIR. and then it will be handled by the Cyber Crime department.

Waiting for days for a Miracle to happen, won't get you anywhere.

Do it now, Act fast.

also, give the seller in ebay the negative rating (if u haven't).


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I will pay u have the refunded money via paytm if u can solve my case. (Thats Rs2500 for you)
I sympathize with you but this is utter bull. Do you really think someone here has the time or power to "solve" this? No. I am sorry that it happened to you. Everyone has bad days. This is life. Do what others have suggested you to do. I bet you haven't lodged a FIR till date.


Go to police station and lodge a FIR. Its so easy.

You are helping scammer by not lodging a FIR. At least try and dont scared by police. Maximum they will say no and ask you to lodge complain as "lost".

Try to Contact cyber crime branch via social media, phone, etc.

eBay never ask you to make payment outside of ebay so you cant even contact ebay for help.

If I am correct then you are not going to lodge FIR so last option is contact your bank and they will provide dispute form via email. Fill it and provide scanned copy of form with your signature.

Then seller will need to provide delivery proof. Paytm will revert money from receiver and you will receive refund. FIR will be helpful for you to provide it to Paytm. They will not close your account for dispute.
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