Diablo II: Resurrected


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Diablo II: Resurrected

Its happening guys, FINALLY! (if you are a Blizzard/Diablo fan, you know what those CAPS mean)


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Diablo II: Resurrected breathes new life into Blizzard Entertainment’s acclaimed ARPG and its expansion, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, from beginning to end. Return to fight for Sanctuary and discover the fate of the mysterious Dark Wanderer rebuilt in all-new 3D graphics, brand-new cinematics, remastered audio… and the same classic Diablo II gameplay you remember.

What's in the remaster:
  1. Resurrected Graphics - UHD 4K and refresh rates like 144Hz
  2. Re-recorded and remastered 7.1 surround sound
  3. Cross-platform progression
  4. Shared stash with increased space (no more mules required to transfer gear)
  5. Revamped worldwide ladder seasons (no more regional ladders I guess)
You can flip back and forth to the old graphics at will, and underneath its new 3D engine it still runs on the the old game's code. (That means the beloved community exploits, AI, pathing etc. may continue to work but try at your own risk)

Returning to Hell on PC / Switch / PS5 | PS4 / Xbox Series X|S in 2021!

Few Pre-Alpha Screenshots

Hero Selection


Act 2 (Hero Selection)


Burial Grounds




Main Screen (Hero Selection)


Cube with Inventory




Act 1 (Hero Selection)


The Cathedral


Mr. "Stay Awhile and Listen"


Duriel Fight


Andariel <3




Official site - Diablo® II: Resurrected
Pre-purchase here - https://us.shop.battle.net/en-us/product/diablo_ii_resurrected
Tech Alpha Opt-in here.

The Prime Evil Collection (D2+D3 complete) includes the Mephisto pet, fearsome wings, Hatred’s Grasp, for Diablo III as exclusives.

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Wow. Those are a lot of charms. I have Diablo 2 and LoD in my Battle dot net library. I used to play PvE but haven't done in a long time.
We all should team up and play once D2:R arrives with new characters.
I believe there won't be a possibility of using the existing D2 characters because in D2 we have more number of realms (regions), uses old Bnet 1.0, no account-license linking concept etc. D2:R will be on current Bnet platform so the max it would have is 3 regions or none at all. So, we will have to start things from scratch most likely.


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Graphics look good. Looks like the backgrounds are 2d, just that the 3d models are overlayed on it.


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Diablo 2: Resurrected Deep Dive Panel

For those who want the TL;DR of this video: :)
  1. Great attention to detail was given in remodeling all of the 2D assets to 3D. A kind of archaeological expedition of an old video game literally happened every single day in finding old artworks, concept art, references, documentation left by Blizzard North (original developers of D2). For example, something like a few white pixels in a particular room in D2 was actually a bunch of garlic hanging intended by the original creators but limited due to technology at those times. Current developers were able to understand that vision by cross referencing with other artwork and designed the art in D2:R accordingly.
  2. No character expiration in D2:R unlike D2 which is 90 days of inactivity.
  3. No regions or realms in D2:R - one global region to connect all players!
  4. Offline play is available after authenticating your game copy as legit.
  5. Ladder resets are going to be more frequent. Currently D2 does a ladder reset every 6 months which is long.
  6. Ladder history will be retained, something like, you will know your character was at level 91 at the end of season 1/ladder 1.
  7. There is a personal stash and shared stash (among characters).
  8. Expanding a PC-first game (meant to be played with KB/M) to consoles and controller support was very challenging. Mouse click targeted skills like Teleport, Sorcerer's Telekinesis, Necro's Iron Golem etc. are implemented slightly different in console versions now.
  9. They didn't delve much into the security aspects of online play such as - botting/duping/maphacks etc. when asked. They will leverage the capabilities of latest Bnet features for security it seems.
  10. You will hear experience new environmental background effects like rain, forest tree sounds etc. but all of the original core sound effects are left intact.
  11. Auto-gold pick is a feature you can toggle on/off. This is mainly implemented to keep up with current gen games as well as console players.
  12. Each unique item is remastered and it will also reflect on the character appearance in detail when worn!
  13. The core of the game, items, balances etc. are left untouched to be true to the original. You can even create a non-expansion character without LoD stuff if you are a true loyalist to the original classic.
(just listed what I could remember after the video, pardon any mistakes)
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Offline play is available after authenticating your game copy as legit.
Looks like I made a good decision to buy the game then.

There is a personal stash and shared stash (among characters).
Then how did players transfer items between characters before?

Auto-gold pick is a feature you can toggle on/off. This is mainly implemented to keep up with current gen games as well as console players.
This is a good thing IMO. Picking up scraps of gold is really annoying. I used to just leave them sometimes.

I hope they retain the same OST as well but provide remastered version of it.


This is my favourite soundtrack:

It makes really good use of drums with Indian raga.


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Then how did players transfer items between characters before?
Lots of weird / non-guaranteed stuff we currently do to transfer items. :D
  1. Seek help of a friend to come online and join your game, trade it to him. Go out of game, come back with your desired character and take it back from him. This is the most safest way to do it right now assuming he is your known friend and doesn't run away with it. :p Believe me people have done the worst to me on some rare drops.
  2. Create a game with password, so only you know the password to join. Now wait in the game for few minutes so that it becomes "perm" which means - even after all the characters leave the game, the game resides in the Blizzard servers for some X seconds without getting deleted instantly. Now drop the items on the town floor. Exit immediately and without losing much seconds, bring your other character inside the pass-protected game and pick the items up. The risk here - you need to be quick AF, internet stable, IP should not get temporary blacklisting for switching between characters quickly (yes this is a online protection feature and happens quite often, even today it happened to me) and hopefully you made the game perm before exiting. If any of the above happens, when you come back with other character and enter game_name/pass, you will see the worst "Game does not exist" and your dropped items are lost forever. Happened many times for me.
  3. Use a secondary set of D2 license keys. Install D2 with those keys on another PC/laptop/VM and run a second instance of D2 in parallel. Create an alternate account, create characters and bring your own secondary character to the main game to trade items safely.
  4. You will find a lot of games online by the name "Mule-01, Mule Parking, Muling, Park Mule" etc. These are basically some guy going AFK and leaving his character in a public game idle for a long time. People randomly join, go to some unique location in any part of the D2 world, drop their items. Come back in with desired character and pick up from that location. The risk here is - we don't know for sure if the guy is really idling or he is monitoring who all are joining (though he may look idle in town) and asking his associate to follow you up and steal your items when you drop and leave the scene..or he may just leave the game and if you are not fast enough, the game may get deleted from the server along with your loot.
Interesting? :)
All these nasty methods are now irrelevant thanks to shared stash.
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Never played online so I've never had to do this

I have played a lot of single player PvE though.


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Diablo Q&A Panel (D2:R, D4, Immortal)

D2:R Takeaway:
  1. All 27 minutes of original D2 cinematics have been remade shot by shot and it has come out really well.
  2. There is no cross-play across platforms at this point, only cross-progression.
  3. There is no couch co-op (aka split screen co-op)
  4. Players will still collide with each other in the Maggot Lair :p (no changes)
  5. D2:R will be based on the current live 1.14 version of D2
  6. Trading will be the same with extra features like linking the item in chat, compare stats etc. (similar to D3)
  7. No new runewords will be introduced at this point.
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