[Praise] Decent service by SMC International, SoundMagic Delhi.

I bought my SoundMagic ES18 last may. The left earpiece stopped working, after a few hours of researching and contacting amazon I found SMC International, Nehru Place as the service center.
I contacted them by e-mail. Mr. Adish Jain replied. He asked me Rs.100 for the replacement of the product. I was shocked. I e-mailed him again. To this he replied that the Rs.100 are supposed to be the "tax/customs" to import the product to India and I am supposed to pay that. I called up Mr. Harish from amigo international, amazon's seller gave me his number. He was pretty arrogant. I asked him what SMC international was asking. He did the same. I was pretty adamant at not giving any money when the product is under warranty. He declined straight up. Now I was loosing hope.
Enter, Mr. Naveen Kumar. I found him on Quora. A great dude from Gurgaon. He has been couriering SM products to SMC for a long time for free replacements and SMC didnt even ask for an courier charges.
Now, I was crazy angry. I e-mailed all the guys in SM. no replies. I messaged them on Facebook and they gave me an email of Mr. Arun Kaushik from Acro International. They guy is a savior. I dont know how high his post is, or what he even does. But this once, I was happy. I e-mailed him with all the comical details of the incident with the photo of the invoice from amazon, his replied just brighten my day. Quoting
Dear Nikhil,
Sorry for the inconvenience caused. You can show this mail to the service executive as the approval for warranty claim without paying the service tax.
I couldn't believe my eyes. I asked him his mobile number, and he gave me, just incase those guys at SMC be more of an *******.
Back to the point.
I took the headphones to SMC, they guy at the RMA department checked it, it wasnt working, I asked him to replace em. He said that its closed on Saturday and wanted me to come back on Monday. I said okay. I called em up on Monday and they didnt have ES18 in stock. I called em up again after 2-3 days, they were in stock. I hurried to SMC the next day. Gave my ES18 to the same guy and asked him to replace it. He asked Rs.100. I showed him the E-mail. And without a word I had a brand new seal packed set of SM ES18 (same colour) in my hand in the next 10mins.
I checked it there itself, and came home bouncing!
That was my experience. Mr. Arun was a dark knight.

To the guys who are looking for SM replacements for free--
contact SMC international Delhi. ask em, if they have the product in stock and you want a replacement, if they charge you.
Contact Mr. Arun Kaushik via e-mail (arun.kaushik@acrotechindia.com) I can PM his mobile number to protect him from spams.
Tell him if they charge you. and he'll do something.
Go to SMC and get a brand new product.
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