Cost of my current system?


I know that people generally ask about buying new systems here, but I want to discuss the selling options for my existing PC.
Reason to sell: I am permanently moving to Canada in coming June.

My Rig: Intel i5 6600 | Gigabyte H170 Gaming 3 | Corsair Vengeance DDR4 8GB 2400MHz stick | Asus Strix 6GB OC | Samsung EVO 850 250GB SSD | WD Caviar Blue 2TB HDD | Corsair VS450 PSU | Corsair Carbide SPEC - Alpha (Red & White)

All items except GC bought in Dec 2016. GC bought in May 2017.

What should I get for this system? How to sell it?
Or should I atleast take the GC with me to Canada as these are costlier nowadays?
Advises please.


You could put it up for sale but getting a fair price for it may prove to be difficult, so if you have the means to carry it with you then by all means do that. You could retain everything apart from the vs 450 psu-not only is it extremely unreliable, but it probably wont work in Canada either as its only compatible with 220v electric supply that's used in india and in some other countries.
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