[Contest] Challenge #3 - What's your Call sign / In-Game-Name? [Dota 2]


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All of us have our special call signs and in-game-names, right?

We wanna know yours. That's it.


Enter your in-game-names or call signs below... to win prizes.

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Right off the assembly line
In Game Nick - Night_Fury A.K.A Fury

I love the character Night Fury[dragon] in the movie how to train your dragon series ......... tht is the reason i chose it

Gamer ID-10437694


Wise Old Owl

Name: chimera

People just call chi for short.
One team member used to pronounce as cheemera.


Right off the assembly line
Fire phoenix is my gaming name before that it was pyro phoenix ,but someone already had that name so i had to change my gaming name,before pyro phoenix it was just phoenix which came to my mind all of a sudden and that's how decide my gaming name


Gamer ID: 10415532

Ingame Name: FusionX

Came up with this name in 2009 when I got permanently banned from an IRC channel and had to come up with a new nickname. Since Fusion was taken, I suffixed an 'X' to the nick. That's the story.

Allu Azad

Time Ruins Everything
Gamer Id : 10446273

My ign was always Allu Azad. People shout "allu allu" most of the time when I make mistakes. [MENTION=57860]thetechfreak[/MENTION] can attest. :p


Broken In
Damn I'm so excited, this is definitely a big giveaway.

Gamer ID: 10438413

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, defeated Barbarian_Monkey multiple times.


Gaming God "Chota wala"
Gamer id :10450992

Gaming Name = PaPa (Yea its my steam name and used it when I used to play DOTA 2)

Reason = It feels good to be PaPa of hundreds and thousands of online multiplayers. They call me PaPa plus they dont swear.. Multiple benefits.

Gamer id : 10450992

Rohan Rathi

Mega Noob
Gamer ID: 10491415

Name: |BF|eXecutioner

Played a lot of final fantasy, there's a hero whose name in FFXII is the Executioner with really cool abilities. As common as it is I really like it. Capitalized the 'X' for a little customization. Also, BF stands for Black Frost, my clan.


Gaming is Life
I have not played Dota much at all but I used to stick with Scorpion like in CS:GO :)

My Gamer ID is 10479688
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