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Constant sound on Toshiba laptop


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I need your help. The Toshiba Satellite s55 b5157 laptop is turned off but it emits a constant sound, almost not heard. When you unplug the battery and plug it back in, it makes an 8 beeping sound and then it's steady and long and doesn't shut up. When connecting the charger the same thing happens, but here the beeps are constant. I didn't want to turn on the laptop just in case. Could it be the battery that requires a new one or what could I do? thanks for your help New Videos by Great Asian Pornstar Reiko Kobayakawa on hot videos! / AsianPornPussy.xxx
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8 beeps generally means display adapter dying. Though, this generally happens upon starting, not when the laptop is switched off. Perhaps servicing is the only option.
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