Confusion regarding upgrading with compatible DDR4-2400 RAM in laptop


I have just bought a new Dell laptop Inspiron 5567.
It came with 4GB DDR4-2400 (1200 MHz) RAM as per CPU-Z.

There is 1 RAM slot empty in which I'm looking to install another 4/8GB RAM module.
Max RAM supported by my laptop is 16GB.

The preinstalled RAM is of Micron.
Part No# (with link) - 4ATF51264HZ-2G3B1
CAS Latency is CL-17.
The same company also sells RAMs under "Crucial" brand.

The problem is, I can't find any DDR4-2400 RAM modules online.
Only DDR4-2133 RAM modules are available on Amazon (FBA/Prime).
There is nothing available on Flipkart (Flipkart Assured).
Also tried Nehru Place in Delhi but only DDR4-2133 RAM modules are available, that too of Kingston.

My preference is "Crucial" brand from MICRON itself to avoid compatibility issues with existing MICRON RAM in the laptop.

What should I do?

Please suggest.


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You can go with this Kingston 4GB CL 17 2400Mhz DDR4 laptop RAM @ 2.3k :Kingston Value Ram Low Voltage Series DDR4 4 GB Laptop (KVR24S17S8/4) Price in India - Buy Kingston Value Ram Low Voltage Series DDR4 4 GB Laptop (KVR24S17S8/4) Online -


I have used RAM's from different manufacturers together, several times, and didn't face any issues whatsoever. Sometimes, even the frequency of sticks were different.
You may buy the kingston one, 2400MHz, and should not have any problems while using it.


Okay, so I've bumped this thread after close to 3 years.
I finally bought an 8GB Crucial (a Micron brand) DDR4-2400 RAM module online from Amazon India.
The preinstalled Micron RAM & new Crucial RAM modules have the exact latency values, speed, etc.
I installed the new RAM module myself (was quite a pain since one has to remove the entire back cover to access the motherboard & then there's this issue with 3 wafer thin head screws, took help of Youtube for installation of RAM).
So my total installed RAM capacity is now 12 GB (4+8).
I am able to now play many FPS games (notably Crysis 3, etc.) which require atleast 6-8GB RAM.
However, I don't see any notable performance in regular/standard use, neither has the boot time decreased.
Is this normal? I'm not getting any errors, BSOD's, etc. Touchwood :p
Furthermore, the Windows installation is still original ever since I bought it almost 3 years back. Have never formatted or reinstalled Windows.
Kindly suggest.
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However, I don't see any notable performance in regular/standard use, neither has the boot time decreased.
That is because ram has nothing to do with it(relatively speaking). You need a ssd & once you use ssd you will not go back to using hdd. Buy ssd fast as ssd prices are going to increase this year(in fact prices already increased by about 10-20% since the start of this year).
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