Confusion in buying a laptop


hi guys,
i'm a student just starting my bachelors level from this august and i need a new laptop. Besides the usual academic stuffs, i need a system where i can edit my photos and bit of videos, great video playback and audio recording too. Well i don't have enough buck to get a super high end laptop.

I was going through the choices available and i think Dell Inspiron N5010 suits my needs. Its got Intel Core i3 330M, DDR3 4 GB and 320 GB Hd.
But at my college they were offering a Dell Inspiron 4010 with Intel Core i5 and 2GB ram. Now i'm confused, which laptop should i consider?

I'm not much familiar with the details of a system, and i want to know what exactly is the difference between i5 and i3 processors? and it 2GB of Ram worth sacrificing for i5 processor??

Or if you guys have a better option please let me know. Thanks.

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and i forgot to mention, it should have a good battery life and HD playback option.
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