I am the master of my Fate.

Comanche is a modern helicopter shooter set in an alternative future. Fight in the evolving singleplayer campaign, master your skills in Conflicts missions, or compete with other players in the explosive team-based multiplayer modes.



I am the master of my Fate.
Yeah, the game was unknown to me until I found out it has a whole series which is pretty old :)

Helicopter game lovers might like to play this one ;)


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I thought THQ Nordic was shutdown.

This game looks like DRONES on Steam.
THQ was shutdown. Some of it's assets were acquired by Nordic games, who later rebranded themselves as THQ Nordic.

This reminds me of the Comanche series back in the 00s which I think were released by Novalogic (same developers of Delta Force series and Armored Fist series). Perhaps this IP was acquired by THQ Nordic from them.

Edit: Looks like Novalogic sold some of their IP to THQ Nordic. - NovaLogic - Wikipedia
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