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Cities: Skylines breaks Paradox' day-one sales records

City-building sim Cities: Skylines has become Paradox' most successful game launch, selling 250,000 copies in its first 24 hours. The number—tallied from day one sales and pre-orders—has made CEO Fredrik Wester quite happy.

“We would like to offer our deepest and heartfelt thanks to the community for their passionate support and to let them know that we are committed to supporting this wonderful game for years to come, in much the same way that we have for our Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis communities," he sends in a statement.

"We knew that we had a great game on our hands and so to be able to continue to provide fans of the game with a multitude of new content for it going forward is fantastic.”

The inclusion of mod support should certainly help Skylines' longevity. There are already more than 3,400 mods hosted on the Steam workshop page, including one that lets you wander around your city in first-person, and another that adds a convenient autosave function.

That's lovely to see, because Cities: Skylines is really good. Find out why in our review, and enjoy the strange cocktail of humour and sadness hidden away in Chris L's diary about his city with only one house.

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I havent played such a game before.
Care to shed some light to a newbie?

Not played this but I've been playing another city builder, Cities XXL this week.

So you plan and build a city with different zones like residential, commercial & industrial. You manage the zones to be like high density (skyscrapers) or low density (small houses). They key to this is demand, I mean you can't go on building high density residential zones without first creating sufficient job zones like agricultural, industrial, manufacturing, retail. You got to balance it out.

To support the population you need to provide services like education/health/firestation/police which all costs money. And yeah the basic facilities like water, electricity, waste management.
Then to help the population go around, need to make transportation available by planning different kinds of roads (one way, highway, etc), bus , harbours, airports.
Also you can build many cities and trade between them, may be one of the city is good at office services, one of it is for agriculture and one for industries & providing water/electricity.

There is a lot more to it but one of the best things about Sim City 4 was awesome mod support, which Cites skylines also seems to have. I easily have over 200 hours on Sim City, If you are interested the game gets very addictive.
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