Cheat codes required for The Hobbit

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I would like to know the cheatcodes for the game the hobbit . In hobbit i tried the cheat "Gandolf the great" but it does not work. I am not sure how to give that cheat but i tried it anyway and it does not work. Are there any other cheats and if "Gandolf the great" works how and where do i enter it.


Go and find it from there.
If u want then go and download the cheatbook database consisting of all the cheats


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Go to for cheats/guides/walkthroughs/easter eggs for Hobbit and every other game. This is one of the most popular sites for cheats and only verified cheats will have been put up, so they are guaranteed to work.


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Here's the cheat code for Hobbit

GANDOLF THE GREAT-Gain 500 gold and make your men invincible!
(Note: code is case-sensitive)
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