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Changing Whatsapp number with old chat moving


Alakh Niranjan
a friend uses whatsapp on one of his numbers. he wants to Change Whatsapp number with another number and wants to retain old chats as well. Initially he was using only one number but now he wants to use two different accounts registered on two different numbers in different phones.

the issue in that is he wants to keep chats of one or two contacts in one new account and the rest in the other account.

any options to do that?

I tried looking for a solution 2-3 times but couldn't find any so thought its better to post here as I am not a regular whatsapp user too :D



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Staff member
You can change the whatsapp number and then move whatsapp on new phone after registering with that new number.
What he wants though, is not possible. It's either complete restore or no restore.

What he can try is to restore on both phones and then manually delete the chats which he don't want to keep. Also you can email the conversation of a particular person and keep the record of conversation that way.


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Am not sure whether this will work, but you can give a try experimenting the mobile keeping Offline and Online.

1. Take Titanium backup of Whatsapp in Mobile1 with SIM1.
2. Change the Whatsapp number of SIM1 with SIM2 in Mobile1.
3. Try restore the Titanium backup of Whatsappbackup in Mobile2 with SIM1 and see if it works.


Alakh Niranjan
thanks. will inform him if he still wants to do that.
i had the same situation months back but i simply removed everything and changed the number. problem solved. :D
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