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Changing the CAS latency of RAM????

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hello everyones

Can any one help me to change the CAS latency of RAM???
my current latency is 3-4-4-8 I want to set it to 2-3-3-8
I heard frm some website that setting latency timings to lower values increase the PCs performance

i have asus P5GDC V Deluxe motherboard based on 915G
and 512 MB DDR 400 Ram

thanking all


get into ur BIOS by pressing the del key or F2 whtever and enable manual timings on the RAM

and change them as u want

be careful abt wht u put in there


Cyborg Agent
But the point is will the RAM work at these rates? The latency of the RAM chips is determined by various parameters that are set at the time of the DIMM assembly you cannot just change the latencty from say 3 to 2 you are bound to get men errors or may be the pc will not start. I suggest two options get a ram that works at the lower latency (will be expensive and comes uner the name of high performance ram) second thing is set "turbo mode" in bios if available its also called "drive hard" in some here the latency is set to 2.5. Now comming back to your Q all these settings are there in the BIOS and can be accesed under the advance tab./
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