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Calling all Pune Techies...

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Cyborg Agent
Hi guys,

my 1st post in dis thread.. Didnt know abt it till now... Seems to b a gud place for puneites. Will jus go thru some of the posts here to get an idea...


The Frozen Nova
hey, back after a lomg time. Exams going on.
Is it true wat u said abt Charles, pope, liverpool and ashes


Let the music play.....
@Akshay - Welcome to the group. You can hang around and also do tell us abt yourself. This is a thread where we ppl meet up and share the latest views abt technology, comps, latest gadgets and last but not the least amchi Pune (that includes our Pune chixx too :p ) anyways welcome and have a nice time.

@casanova - Yeah it is true I searched Wiki for that it turned out to be true.


Cyborg Agent
thnx djmykey.. I still have to get an idea abt dis thrd... seems it has got everythng. Its a forum by itself!!!


Broken In
hey man akshay.. do let us know something more about you...

btw i liked your sig...

guys when we should plan for next meet ?
where is sagar, saroman, dipen.................. all are lost or what ????

i am in Pune this saturday and sunday..... so plzzzzzzzzzzz try to arrange some of your very important time....



Let the music play.....
Damn am I busy coz am planning to finish MCSE by this month. And since Engg exams are 'round the corner I dun think that any1 might turn up. Waitup for some days Avi then we can have a good big meet.


Right off the assembly line
Thrash Metal check thez... i also had to search a lot to get sm good plzs... found this somewher on the web.. i called up some plzs fr my gaming rig, the phone numberz were wrong, the addresses are correct thou
Aditi Enterprises
127/B, Shop No-2, Aditi Corner,Shaniwar Peth, Beh. Police Chowcky, Pune-30
24019508 / 9

Cache Technologies Pvt.Ltd
1st Floor, Jitendra Villa, 1194/6, Shivajinagar, Nr.Ramchandra Sabhamandap, Off. Ghole Rd., Pune-5

99, MG Road, Opp. Chandan Store,Pune-411001.
26330828 / 29 , 24007833

Computer Shopee
Deccan Gymkhana, Pune Punediary.com
25678368 / 25663515 / 25663516

Datacare Corporation
650, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune-1
25521591, 25130389

Dr.Comp Infosys Pvt.Ltd
602, Deccan Gymkhana, Ruchi Apts., Beh.Sai Petrol Pump, J.M.Rd., Pune-4
25531684 / 25539095

Hitech Computer Services
Shop No-1, Gr.Floor, Ganraj-A Apts.,558, Narayan Peth, Nr.Narayan pethPolice Chowky, Pune-30
24002191 / 92, 24493736

IBM India Limited
Parvaaz, Shanker Sheth Road, Pune-411001
26349724, 24007117

Karan Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
Basement No.7, Kumar Castle, 1979, Convent Street,Opp.St.Anne’s High School, Pune-1
26340998 / 26347988 / 26358332

PCS Industries Ltd
2nd Floor, Butte Patil Plaza Nal Stop, Off Karve Rd., Pune-4

Sony World
Equity Tower, Plot No.5, Sanghvi Nagar, Aundh, Pune-7
24005336, 24005337, 25893949

Sujata Computers Pvt.Ltd
66/2, Karve Rd., Nal Stop, Pune-4 Punediary.com
25410928/ 25435613/25443661

Wipro Infotech Ltd
3rd Floor, Bhosale Heights,1195/5, F.C.Rd., Pune-5
25535659, 25535541, 25533381

Zenith Computers Ltd
208, Aurora Towers, West Wing, Moledina Rd.,Pune-1.
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@avi , mykey..:- seth jee papers chalu hain... will be free by 22 so why not arrange one around then.. yeh..Sagar mite not join coz his exam must be frm 2nd or 3rd... what abt Saroman... Underground ho gaya hain shayad..

anyways..how are u people... avi.. everydone repaired and perfect i guess.. hehe...

what abt ur MCSE..howz studies goin...

Anyways... @Akshay and Casanova :- Welcome to forum...


The Frozen Nova
hey dipen, i had already received warm welcomes. Was inactive due to my exams.
welcome alienspiesu
wen is the next meet??????


Broken In
hey guys meet is not so hot or something...

its just normal get together kind of event.
all who can mange to spend 2-8 hours (depends on individual) and do some tech gosip, some data transfer, lots of fun(previous meet was fun coz it was out of pune and had nice fun and pics as well)

we are planning to make it more organised and start having some tech upgrade for all. so this meet i will start with Infrastructre Management session. anybody can talk on anything. its like sitting in a group and discussing on any topic... from latest hardware, software, market and girls........................ :)

guys.. now my lappy is up and running so if sagar and mickey cannot come at least lets check out with new guys...

plz post date for meet. not coming sunday coz i am goning home on bike.. (yes unicorn.... 290 Km......... mostly empty road coz i will start at 4.30 AM)



hi guys.. this is Rohit from UK... my first time in this forum.. i am a puneite.. came to UK 3 years ago.. and plan to settle here.. but i keep cumin to pune every 10 months or early.. it was cool to hear your chats and stuff about pune.. as i love pune and belive no place like Pune in the whole World..

looked at your postings abt meeting each other.. well would like to meet you guys.. but probably around Diwali time..

tell me more abt you guys... and haan any help required abt UK and Europe.. do gimme a shout!!!....

Hope you guys Rock in the Rockin City ...

hey anyone PARTY FREAK?????


Let the music play.....
Yeah now we have some dood frm the UK in our group who does belong to this city. Damn this group is going global :D Okay guys the reason I got up so early (generally I do get up so early) is that I wanted to share the good news with y'all guys. I finished MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) yesterday. Now avadhut and me is on the same level :grin: so now am gonna concentrate on CCNA finish it then get valid reasons frm my dad to roam around the city with my bike (yeah atlast) and then will go for job hunting. But damn bcoz of me being a lazy a$$ I lost a job in infy. They had called me to ask wether I was intrested but then I told them I dint have 60% thruout so then they said they werent intrested. Damn me but if I wudve worked those 2 years (12, FY) I wudve been chillin in infy but jaane do its just a question of fate so I dont sit brooding over it just leave at the back of my mind and tread along the path I choose until I get success. So thats all frm me. Mmmmmm damn I'm still sleepy so cya all need to get some more sleep.


Broken In

i am planning meet this sunday..

please let me know who is in...

Dipen, Sagar, Mickey - you guys have no chance to say NO....
we cannot afford to have such a long gap between our meets.

who else wanna join...

Venue - my home
Time - 10 AM - 8 PM ( anybody can come within this timelimit...)
subject - anything...... :)



Let the music play.....
I dunno whether I can be sure if I'm coming or no coz my house is in a bit or a frenzy state. The cable $hit war is goin on and the 15k (dataone) bill was paid and I was smacked coz of it. Then loads of $hit again happened. Dunno why this happens to me only. Anyways I'll curse my luck and see wether I can come but I cant guarantee that I might come coz I myself am not sure.
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