call of duty problem

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i have intel 82945 integtated graphics, 1 GB ddr2 ram, 160 gb hdd, win xp and vista ultimate, dual core 1.60 ghz processor.
when i try to run call of duty 2 on it,
it says "Directx encounters a serious problem".And pen the directx fac page.
all the advise are given i have test.but it again gives this message.
please tell me how to run game?


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First Update the drivers.
Then update Direct X to 9.0c latest.. get it from MS site

but will not run IMO because the game needs a feature "Hardware Transformation and Lighting" which is not there in your integrated graphics ...

try using 3d Analyzer program to emulate the HW TnL and run the game...

good luck :)
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