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I am gonna buy AMD 64 3000+ venice with A8N-E and 2*512 Mb DDR 400, leadtek 6600GT 128Mb DDR3,160Gb SATA samsung, 17" Flat CRT monitor, ADSL Usb modem. I may OC the proccy upto 2.2GHz Max. Please suggest me a good and cool looking Cabinet and Power Supply with must not cost me more than Rs.5500/- :) together.

P.S. anyone have idea in zebronics antibiotic cabinet. Can i buy that and change the PSU.


U can buy & change the PSU, i would suggest that since u can spend Rs 5500, get a VIP 400W or Powersafe 400W SMPS, along with Antec cabinet whichever is available & has a lot of cooling fans on Frontech Pace, as it got the option for 7 fans
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