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[By Demand] Digit October 2006 DVD/CD

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Classic Propaganda Films and more......

Please.. please.. please could you include either Leni Riefenstahl's "Triumph of the Will" and/or Frank Capra's seven-part series, "Why We Fight".

Also, is there an interactive application/widget that has International and/or EPL/Primera Liga/Bundesliga fixtures, scores and standings... that one can use to follow their favourite International/Club sides's fortunes. A cross between FootieFox and the Excel-based World Cup charts that were earlier doing the rounds.... If there is something like this, then do put it on the CD/DVD!



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grandexemplar: I do not think Triumph deWillens by Riefenstahl is in the public domin. Damn good film, though! Also, it might be too controversial.
this time send some data related to new technologies emerging in field of networks, clustering, grid computing, and some good proxy softwares.


plzz, plzzz SIMS2 demo or any of the version of sims series plzzzzz
love digit, great magazine!!!!!
And, what about a fasat track on any 3d graphics software like MAYA or 3D MAX, plzzzzz.


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winlinux, the best linux os ever,

have you ever heard of winlinux, it get's installed just like any software in the windows environment, easiest to use linux, install, click to boot, and run, nothing goes wrong,

can you please give that, thanks,


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BlackPearl, It looks like there is a movie competition between us! But even I am very curious about the movie you mentioned, and hope FatBeing is listening.

And I admire anyone who supports movies in the CD :)


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i just saw the f1 2005 mod for f1 99-2002,it's something 500mb.so, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
ase give it in the october issue.i have always been a digit loyal subject and this is more than the vista beta2 for me.please again,i'm beggin you.


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I want to inform the digit that they have got worse day by day. Did u know why because digit provide baby stuffs in thier digit DVD.

They dont provide good demos or latest releases of best softwares and highly rated games demos, also they dont provide mods patches for rated games on gamespot.

What i want to say is instead of providing cheap softwares and small games also other ****s DIGIT must include great softwares and games on time.

Now a days all of gaming community in india have good SLI machines but DIGIT provide only baby games not the Best looking games.
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