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Buying new pc

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I am thinking of buying a new pc. My budget is around 50-55k.
This is the config I have chosen
3.2-3.4- Intel dual core 16000
945G Mobo 6000
17"Flat monitor Samsung 6000
Lite on DVD writer 4000
120 GB HDD 4000
1 GB DDR2 RAM 4000
logitech key board and mouse 2000
Speakers 3000
Cabinet 2000
UPS 2000
TVTuner card 4000
Total 53000

My purpose is playing games like CS, FEAR UT and other of a similar category and also to see movies DVD ripping and doing my office work. Do I need to buy sound card and a graphic card or this will suffice to play these games. I am strained to put in more money for the time being. Maybe later I will upgrade this. Guys and gals I need your view.

Best Regards


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Everything is ok but plz don't buy Mobo 945G motherboard.
buy any latest 955X chipset motherboard and would be ok for future


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@pradeep_chauhan : can u plz tell me the price of 955X chipset motherboard
whether it is of asus , foxconn etc i really need it . i'll buy it from you or by urs prefered shop.



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Welcome Manish
everything looks good but
1) get 160 GB hdd, it will cast u only 500 bucks more
2) What about SMPS, get ateast powersafe 450 W

3) 2000 bucks ups must be 500/600 VA, this will make ur high end sys to reboot while playing games, watching DVD movie, burning a DVD etc. So , instead get 750 va or 1kva ups. Powercom 1 KVA ups costs 4.4 in Mumbai. It has external batt connection. I have done quite a good market research on UPS in this month only. So trust me.

4) Why not AMD?

BTW where do u live ?


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i got the price of the asus board one with the pcix slots and dual pcie16x ports (8x in the dual mode). The cost of the board is 13k in sm electronics at Nehru place. This is one hell of a board. Sorry i did not ask for the cost of the 955 mobo. This rate is three days old.


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"My purpose is playing games like CS, FEAR UT and other of a similar category and also to see movies DVD ripping and doing my office work. Do I need to buy sound card and a graphic card or this will suffice to play these games."

CS will do on this config.But not "FEAR".For that you will really need a graphic card.Lot of guys here will suggest you 6600 GT
you dont need a sound card until you are a MUSIC freak.But it can be helfpful for you if you are ripping in AC3 and enjoying the surround sound.
CREATIVE 24 bit LIVE is a good option. 1800/-
For speakers:
Creative inspire 2.1: 1800/-
Creative inspire 5.1: 4500/- (correct me if i am wrong!!)
A new style: Creative I-Trigue 2.1: 3000/-
Just postpone UPS if you can.And Go for SATA HDD.
Best Luck!!


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susk 21 is right...

u must buy a gfx card if you want to play fear... If med. detail levels are enough, then settle for a low end geforce 6200 (~3500) or if you insist on playing @ high detail, go for a decent 6600 or better... they cost a bomb, though...


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Dear All,
Thank you folks for your reply and sage advice. if you have been reading the newspapers Intel is strongly pushing its D processors. This heralds a possible drop in prices for the extreme edition processors. I am waiting for the time being. Trade sources expect the prices to drop by April second week.

The MOBO 955 costs around 15 K. 945 Mobo would cost 6000. 955 Mobo is way beyond my budget. It is the latest thing. Maybe later i will upgrade. Pls can anyone enlighten what is the difference betweent the two.

I work full time and I can only spare a couple of hours every week end to play games. I am not a pro at this shooting games. I Get killed far too often. i just want to use this to play with my Kiddo. Also I want to record documentaries that they show on NAT Geo and Discovery and save it for posterity.

Also I am not an Intel freak. But most of these Hardware vendors scared me out of AMD saying cooling is a big factor. I am not willing to experiment. personal money is on line. I just want a something that works. I was going thru some old posts and the conclusion was that AMD is good in graphics but lags behind in video.


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as 945G & 955X diffrence is compared . the diffrence is not much .
in future you would'nt have to upgrade yours board for latest cpu. etc

checl< : intel.com


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TV Tuner 4000 Rs??? which tv tuner card is that? you can get an entry level card for 1200 rs. and a decent one from pinnacle for abt 2500.
To play games you need atleast gforce 6600. this card will cost u 6000-10,000.


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Thanks Hafees,
Do you or anyone for that matter suggest a good tuner card. I want the one that will record tv programmes and I can burn them on DVD and save it for posterity.

Some one told me that I can buy a low end pc and stuff it up with a good graphics card and Got to make up my mind whether to go in for a lower end pc and stuff it up with a graphics card or buy a high end pc and add a graphics card later.



Since it's dual core U want to go for. In the same budget U should get an Athlon64 3800+ X2 with Asus A8N-E motherboard. It will proivde more performance then 3.2 GHz Pentium D 940 while running lot cooler, & costing cheap

The 7600GT GPU is now out, skip 6600GT & buy 7600GT


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Dear Saurav,
Pls can you or anyone give me an idea of what the cost of this processor and motherboard will be and the cost of that graphics card.
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