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Please provide detail of price and specification suggestion for buying 1 TB/2TB external Hard disk>i want to use it for taking backupas of Pictures and other media material.I found WD and seagate xtrnal HDD.


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Go for this one below Buy WD Elements 2TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Disk (Black) Online at Low Prices in India | WD Reviews & Ratings

Recently bought at 5999/- during August Freedom Sale under Lightning Deal. Amazing Transfer Speed....After registering the product got 3 Years Warranty too.


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Better get passport ultra for security purposes and if security ain't that much of a thing for you pick elements.


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Hi [MENTION=319412]manna@u[/MENTION],

I agree with [MENTION=159164]$hadow[/MENTION], each WD product have different specification and different purpose of use.

The main difference between them is that WD My Passport Ultra incorporates a hardware encryption, and WD Elements does not.

Also, WD Elements comes without any software, whereas WD My Passport Ultra has a lot of features with it.

For more information about WD External drives, you may visit the below link:

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Just a suggestion, if you don't have the budget problem and looking for backup device, then WD My Passport Ultra is the way to go. It comes with the full version of the WD smartware Pro software. It's a pretty simple and straight forward backup software that uses minimal PC resources. Set it up once and you can forget about it :)
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