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I'm thinking of buying a new tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (10.1 inch screen, 2 GB RAM :( , 32 GB Storage, Wifi). I need it mainly for reading books or browsing webpages and maybe at times, watching a video.

This tab was available on amazon all this time, sold by Appario, and then just today it vanished. On the Samsung site, it is still available. The price on both sites is the same. So, when it comes back on amazon, would be better to buy from there or from the Samsung site? Any advantages/disadvantages of either over the other? I haven't checked how Samsung sells from its site, whether they allow COD or require payment at the time of placing the order.

People often complain of receiving duplicate goods, and while I've never faced this problem, it is something I often worry about. This shouldn't be a problem on the Samsung site, unless they start selling duplicate stuff as well. :rofl:


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Buying from amazon is recommended if you can take advantage of some offer.e.g. you can get 5% sbi yono cashback(need sbi savings acc) + 2.5% reward points(need sbi simplyclick credit card) if you buy from amazon within sbi yono app.


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Amazon is not allowing COD as of now due to COVID-19. only prepaid orders.

You can try the below reputed sites to get discounts if any:

paytmall (this is good if u select the genuine seller :)
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