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Britney Spears, shaved bald..

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BRITNEY Spears has flipped her lid in rehab, trying to hang herself with a bedsheet after screaming "I am the anti-christ" to frightened staff.
She made the demonic cry after scrawling the devil's number "666" across her head.
Spears's manic behaviour has concerned relatives who once again fear for her safety, and has staff at the Promises Clinic in Malibu, California struggling to cope.
The former chart-topper's troubles have been revealed in Britain's News Of the World, which broke the exclusive story.

More here: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,21325065-2,00.html
Now.. that's really crazy...!!

Reminds me of her song: Crazy. You drive me crazy..!! :D :D
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Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
Feel sorry 4 her ........ :-(

bt where`s her strip vid ? PM me .......... if u have it .........


rollcage said:
that means you are a Hardcore Fan for hers .. what ever she may do .. you like her

Iam not a hardcore fans of anyone. :). Can i not love people?.


In the zone
I didn't liked Britney even before when she had hairs - so what u'll think will change my views now that she doesn't got hairs ?? L O L :p
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