Biggest GPU news in it's history


Alright, so I'm not entirely sure if you can classify this as the most thundering news the GPU market has ever seen but its pretty wild. It goes in 2 parts-

1. Mining will no longer profit from GPUs
Yes, it finally happened, and gamers can now breathe easily. We no longer have to be tortured at the sight of miners buying tons of GPUs just for mining some crypto. The recent Merge is the reason for this, and you will need a proof of stake for mining (or something along those lines, I have no clue on mining). Power consumption has also been cited as a reason. This also means that we can probably expect the long awaited flood of used GPUs to happen very soon.

2. EVGA quits the GPU market
I'm not sure if EVGA GPUs have ever been in India, but they just announced that broke up all ties with Nvidia and will no longer manufacture GPUs. That means that there will be no 4000 series lineup from them, and they will let all current RTX 3000 series sell out. It doesnt seem like they'll partner with Intel or AMD any time soon either. Doesn't affect us anyway, but it's still a pretty staggering news for the US and ROTW. I speculate that this will put more strain on other board partners like Asus and MSI, and we may see a shorter supply of GPUs here.
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