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best Laptop for multipurpose for students


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Hi guys,

So since my 2010 rmbp is dead right now I want to buy a new laptop. After extensive search I slimmed down my choices to two laptops- Apple 13 inch retina macbook pro (i5, 8GB, 512Gb ssd, Intel HD) and MSI GS60 Ghost pro 4k. I also want to buy an external monitor ( presumable 27"+) and want to do my work on that monitor when I am at home. So please tell me which one is best suitable for both productivity as well as gaming. Although apple has lower spec but it has better battery. Whereas msi has much power. I am also considering to import the 1080p model of GS60 ghost pro (6GB DDR5 GTX 970M). Since 13 inch rmp cant run 4k monitor @60Hz will the msi models be able to run it @60Hz via display port? And the display refresh rate of MSI ghost pro 4k is capped @ 48Hz. so in game they will lag. Can you guys help? what will the best combination of both. Since windows 10 looks interesting I am also considering to switch back to windows. Whats your opinion?


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Since you are open to importing laptops, better get any of these

Custom Laptops, Gaming Notebooks, Custom Gaming Laptops | XOTIC PC
Out of them,

XOTIC PC | Sager NP8268-S (Clevo P150SM-A) - 15.6" Gaming Notebook

with 4k screen options:

XOTIC PC | Sager NP8651 (Clevo P650SE) - 15.6" Gaming Notebook
XOTIC PC | Sager NP8652 (Clevo P650SG) - 15.6" Gaming Notebook

Better VFM than any other gaming laptop you can find.

Macbook has crap specifications for the price and almost no way to upgrade the hardware yourself.
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