Best graphics card to buy within 3k ?


Right off the assembly line
I am looking for the best graphics card to get within 3k (maybe can extend a little bit ).I only want to play fifa 14 on it on medium or low settings.

Gaming at 720p

I got a 300w power supply
motherboard-gigabyte G41M combo
intel dual core processor
500 GB Hard disc
G41m chipset!! I use the same and its darn old
So u should use a new psu if possible cuz your's will be generic like iball or etc
Get new one from corsair or antec,etc
Then get a amd hd5850 or same(forgot the number)
Has 2gb graphics od ddr3
Even runs games like hitman absolution @low settings & 1600x900 and SR4 @low 720p
Fifa will be smooth to play on it


Broken In
Go go with the geforce 8500gt,or save up a bit longer and invest in a card such as the nvidia gts250...or the radeon HD4850....
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