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Best is but I think Namecheap accept paypal and debit card payments also. You should try buddy. :smile:


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Guys.. I need your help..
I want to register a .com domain..
Can somebody tell me which is among the best domain registrars.. and little cheap also..
And the one which supports payment through net banking or debit cards...
Its urgent guys...



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Hi Amrit,

I am not very sure if debit cards are allowed, but you can certainly try with and Namecheap, i have been using from past 1 year and didn't had any problems with it.


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their is company called " India Links " , you can buy directly from them, they are indian company so they do except cheque and might be DD.

Its kinda near my home so i generally buy my .in domains from their itself, however m not very sure if its available near the area you stay.


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for Rs 150, i get US hosting provides UL Bandwith, Diskspace, MYSQL Database and everything, now lets compare what rediff has got.

Price 200

20 MB Disk Space <<< R u Kidding me .!!
1 MySQL Database
no cPanel


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For Linux hosting and domain registration try

accepts direct bank payments (ICICI) for those in India.


Blogger is a good choice, I have been using it more than year and till date there have been no problems
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