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Battlefield 4 or Hardline


hi guys,

so i wanted to buy a battlefield game purely for its multiplayer (don't care for the story at all), should i buy hardline or is battlefield 4 still a good choice even though a newer game is out??

Finding matches(enough players) is also a factor..


Your laptop's GPU can barely handle Battlefield 3 at low settings, I don't think it'll be able to run either of them at low settings. :|


well i did play battlefield 3 campaign only on med to high settings....i can say this because of my real world benchmark experience( i actually did play it at those settings)...


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I dont think many here will be buying Hardline. Im not buying, cause I still play BF3 and its more entertaining than BF4 :D
I haven't even bought BF4 Premium, most of my friends play only vanila maps.


BFH is a new game, but more like COD i guess, small maps & NO tank, jet, attack heli warfare. Its civilian vehicles vs civilian vehicles, no military stuff.

Since there's no big Pre-Order bonus stuffs, better wait for days for proper user reviews.

BFH is like BF4 v1.5 with small maps & Bf4 itself is like BF3 v.2

BFH seems like an extension of a "Close Quarters" DLC from BF3. :p & EA decided to make a game out of a DLC.

The games are too expensive for what they are worth, thats why i still feel BF3 was best bang for buck (Rs.999 at launch with free DLC). BF4 @ 3.5k is not worth it. I'm skipping BFH, and like rcuber said, many of our BF4 friends are skipping it too.

reg. bf4 on 7730m, my GT540m & i5 2340 still handles BF4 easily but at med settings.
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