ati 7750 tempereature

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aman gandhi

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hey mu gpu ati hd 7750 reaching a temperature of 50 to 54 celsius while playing battlefield 3 ati high settings
i am using corsair vs450 watt builders series smps

does i need to worry or not???

my full system spec are :-

core i3 540 3.07 ghz
6 gb ddr3 1333 mhz ram
smps listed above
ati hd 7750 sapphire low profile
intel motherboard dh55pj


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Temperature is fine.
Corsair VS450 should be able to do the job fine.
Nothing to worry.


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That temperature seems way too low :O How are you checking temperatures? Run hwmonitor in the background and play the game. The max temp shown is the temp your gpu reaches while playing the game.
No need to worry unless temperatures cross 70-75 degrees(technically 80+ is bad).

As for you,50-54 C is super cool. No need to worry.


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Nothing to worry.

Even 80+ degree Celsius temperature is fine. Over 90 is bad.

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