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Asus Radeon 9800XT fan trouble

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I own a ASUS Radeon 9800XT which my dad bought in Feb2004 in Taiwan while on a business trip. The card has been functioning fine all these days. Recently I heard a strange noise in my pc cabinet when I opened the cabinet I found that one of the two fans in the Video card had become loose . The video card does work though but only with one fan. But I immediately took the agp card off my motherboard and kept it safely in the package it came with. There has been no contact with the card from any wire or any other card on the pci slots during its operation all these days. Anyway could you please tell me where I could get this problem serviced here in India preferrably in or nearer to coimbatore.


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im reporting this thread cuz i think it belongs here .... in the QnA and cuz im its got a reply so mods can delete the other threads

as for ur problem ...
well i think the fans are usually screwed in .. so u can just tighten it urself ... ( im not sure of this tho ... its been long since i had a ook at my gpu :D )

or u can goto ur nearest computer shop or ur nearest hardware engineer ... or any electronics shop ... as its just a matter of fixing the fan ... no technical expertise required ...

plz dont do injustice to ur card and keep it in the box


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Sorry abt the multiple posts dude, It wont happen again.

Anyway regrd to your reply about the fan problem, There is no screw arragement and I took the card to Rashi Pheripherals Coimbatore Division as they are the only ppl I know who sells and services ASUS products. They couldnt quite help me with it as they said they havent serviced AGP cards like mine. But they said they'll try asking the ASUS International guys themselves. So I gotta wait for a few days until I hear from them

Do you have any suggestions in this regard...

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its asus ... how did i miss that :D
anyways ... umm it would be easier if u were in bombay .. we have an asustek here ...
wait ill give u their contact info
ASUSTek Computer Inc.
u can ask the asus ppl directly urself by mailin them .... im sure they'll think of something ... maybe even direct the engineers at rashi to help u out

as for ur triple posts .. its ok ... i just warn so that u dun have to hear from the mods ;)
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