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Apple's Intel-Macs Begin Shipping with Windows XP Pre-Installed

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After Apple's release of Boot Camp, allowing customers to install and run Windows XP natively on its Intel-based Macs, many predicted that it would simply be a matter of time before Macs started shipping with Microsoft's Windows XP preinstalled. Now it seems the inevitable has occurred.

One of the largest online Apple dealers, MacMall, has announced that it is now shipping iMacs, MacBook Pros and Mac Minis with a choice of Windows XP Home or Windows XP Pro pre-installed as an option. According to both MacMall's website and Apple's online store, a identically configured 1.83GHz Core Duo MacBook Pro can be pre-installed with Windows XP Professional for $100 -- which is actually a discount.



Err.. People Buy Macs to _run_ Windows on Them? Geez..

I'm Unsuccessfully Trying to Install MacOSX on my AMD64 PC..

The Least Apple Can Do is to Stop Trying to Sell their Hardware and Make OSX For all PCs


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This move is gonna hit MS hard..
This will actually increase the penetration of Macs into the consumer Market.
People who stayed away from Mac machines only because of reasons like limited software availability will now love to get their hands on a Mac.


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I teel you the next big story ! MICROSOFT BUYS OUT APPLE !!
But with xp inside we can xpect a bit lower priced macs!
OSX is expensive
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