[Praise] APC UPS Complaint Resolved Very Fast


Alakh Niranjan
I am using a BX600C-IN 600VA APC UPS since Last Year. Few days back, in the morning as soon as I switched it on, it started blinking Red Light and beeping. I tried their helpline number. They have all my details as there was one false problem last year.
CC Person asked me the serial number of it to check and told me that as per manufacturing date, it is out of warranty. He then asked me to email the purchase invoice to check the warranty status from the purchase date which I did immediately.
In the evening I received email about a Site Visit scheduled for next morning at 10.45am. the person came late though by some 1 1/2 hours.
He asked me the exact problem and whether the computer was switched off / restarted or not. I said no. He immediately said it is battery problem. He opened the UPS, checked the battery and then took it out. He then took out a battery from his bag and put it in the UPS. Checked it and completed the paper work. All done in around 15 minutes half of which was spent in paper work.
He also showed me another box which had the CARD of the UPS and said it could be either of these so he was carrying both.
From what I have heard about other brands which require carry-in warranty, it is very good service from APC though I have seen it but as Institutional Customer. I am happy that I opted it even though it was some 300-400Rs. more than the other suggested brand.
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Is this in Lucknow? Usually service of big brands is good in metro/main cities but still APC is recommended over other brands if one has the budget.
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