anybody used ExpressGate??

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hey Guys,

If anyone used ExpressGate that is coming with latest mobos, please post some screenshots of the same and please do let us know how good it is and is it worthy to have on mobo.


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It's there on my laptop.
Basically it allows you to boot up to a custom OS within 5 seconds.
It has the following options:
- Web browser (custom version of Firefox)
- Music player
- Online games
- IM client (Pidgin)
- Skype
You can use photos/music off the HDD or a USB drive

I can't take screen shots because there is no screen capture utility and anyways it doesn't let you save files while in Express Gate.


I had it at first. Good to see if there is any virus in USB. But I now have RAID. ExpressGate doesn't support RAID. It also slows down booting by waiting for your response. If you have a very sensitive mouse which might move due to vibrations. Its even worse.


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I am downloading ExpressGate latest version. Will have to try. Its a huge download! 585MB from the Asus website. Will try it out soon. Its a mystery to me as well!
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