Any interest in a price comparison website for tech sites ?


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I am developing a price comparison website. Initially my plan was to cover the big ecommerce websites - amazon, flipkart etc . But due to the sheer amount of items there, its kind of hard.

So instead I have moved to making a comparison websites for indian tech websites. The price comparison section of the sites is pretty developed and its not hard to move sites.

Thinking of comparing from:

The big paytm, flipkart, amazon will be included later and soon.

Any interest ?


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I basically want that gets data from those sites instead of only Amazon India. And it needs to be accurate with no problems (product mismatch, duplicates, etc)


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The thing is,these sites rarely offer "loot deals" like the ones where you can get 480gb ssd for ~3100 or 250gb ssd for 1.6k etc. Better to focus on "front page banner ads" like mdcomputers recently selling 1060 6gb for 16500 & 1060 3gb for ~12k or vedant computers selling asus rtx graphics card recently at good discount(mdcomputers & vedant uses countdown timers for such discounted products so maybe you can use that for filtering query parameters like dynamic element on product image page etc).
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