Any Damn Way to Use the Modem for Internet Access in Linux

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Does your Internel Modem work with Linux??

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  1. khattam_

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    I have again installed the Fedora Core 3. It rocks. But it does not suport my internal modem which works fine on Windows. I also have a Conexant Modem which is damaged and itself gives very slow connection and the freeware Linuxant Driver only allow less than 14.4 Kbps and I get 2-4Kbps on that device.

    I have another modem Pctel HSP56 v.92. I had heard that Internal Modems are not supported by Linux but I bought it because it claimed that it would suport Linux. But when I opened the Documentation inside, I found that it would only support 2.4.X kernels. I have not tried it on my Linux box which is Fedora Core 3 (Heidelberg), Kernel-2.6.9-1.667, i686.

    Please help!!

    I have searched all old posts and tried everything mentioned and got a conclusion that Winmodems cannot be used in Linux but why could it be run in 2.4.x kernels and why not in 2.6.x kernels. If you find any helpful links, please share.
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    read GNUrag's post about finding drivers for internal modem in linux.

    also see this:
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