Anil Ambani may buy Newcastle Utd

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Is Reliance's Anil Ambani After Newcastle United?

Anil Ambani may soon be wearing the black and white Newcastle United jersey. Reliance Communications is in talks to take over the Premier League club from UK billionnaire Mike Ashley for an estimated £260 million ($514 million ), a British newspaper report said.

But Mr Ambani is facing competition from Singapore-based global investment company Profitable Group, which has former England footballer Steve McMahon as a director , News of the World reported on Sunday.

"Both Reliance and Profitable are ready to pay £260 million to own the Magpies outright and are determined to spend more than £100 million on transfers to bolster the team, managed by Kevin Keegan," it said.

Mr Ashleywho bought Newcastle in July 2007 for £130 million and immediately pumped in another £80 million to wipe out debtwas not able to offer the kind of money required to sign top players so as to make a serious bid for the English Premier League (EPL) title. "He has made it clear he will not sanction the kind of huge signings which might help challenge for a Champions League place (that takes a top four finish in EPL)," the report said.

According to the Sunday tabloid, Mr Ambani has been in negotiations with Mr Ashley for several weeks, and has made it perfectly clear he will rival Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich in the spending stakes. And, it added, India's second richest man—who has a personal fortune of £21 billion against Mr Abramovich's £11 billion—is willing to sanction £150 million for players as per his inner circle, it said.


lets hope India gets 1 good football academy and a decent scouting program as a result


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^^^^ I really really hope, he buys it, and In India there are so many skilled football players, atleast they will get a chance to live their dream :)


ha ha ha

posting one month old news ... and a news which was already posted in this forum

n now the news has no substance as RCOM and ambani v rubbished those reports.

well btw why do u think they wud allow Indian players to play in for Newcastle even if he buys it? Its EPL my dear. Indian players as of now are simply not upto the mark!!!


nobody said anything about selecting Indians for the FTS :rolleyes:

an effective scouting program for 10-11 yr will pay dividends once they turn 18-19

Indians don't do all that badly in U-* meets = we are a talented bunch w/o the infrastructure to hone the talent = a good academy for the youth program

n e way my bad, shud have seen the date b4 jumpin

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