[ANDROID] No media player control on lockscreen


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Hi, here with a peculiar issue that is bugging me.

I use Gaana, Amazon Music such streaming services.
Also Poweramp.

The basic control used to show up on lockscreen even few months back.
Basic control: Previous, Next, play/pause. Song name.

Suddenly I don't see any such control on my lockscreen. Songs play without any issue though, but to change track either I need to unlock Phone or use Headphone buttons to do the same.

Anyone has any solution for this?


I've been using Poweramp both on my OP3 and Honor 10. Today, I haven't been able to even get into the library on Honor 10 and can't change currently playing song from poweramp home page.
Pretty sure mine is a rom issue like yours. If nothing works, try musicolet. Based on a couple hours of usage, it hasn't disappointed me so far.


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My handset details are as below:-

Asus Max Pro M1
Stock ROM.
Android 9 (PKQ1.WW_Phone-16.2017.1912.060-20191125)

Nova launcher.


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There is lockscreen setting in PowerAmp. It will enable the lockscreen controls.
But most of the time it also depends if ROM supports it or not.


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Current gen phones have been toying with this very idea of playing/selecting media on a locked screen. I dont know if its for safety purposes, or something else.
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