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Amd Config ! Help

Discussion in 'PC Components / Configurations' started by techiways, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. techiways

    techiways New Member

    Sep 26, 2004
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    Please suggest me on to buy a new pc..

    1. The system is for multi tasking

    2. I should be able to play most of the games (Especially half life, sims and fps)however i aint a vivid gamer

    3. The configuration should exclude DVD rw, Mouse, Key board & monitor and include everything els.

    4. I am looking for atleast 1 GB of ram

    5. All this should not cost me anything over 25,000 (@ chennai / bangalore price)

    6. It should include surround speakers and support for good quality audio and video

    Since the system will be used for a average of 8 hours a day, a suitable cooler may also be suggested

    Moreover if the mobo has integrated graphics which could be used to play most of the games such as hl, quake4 & nfsug, I wouldnt need a Graphic card....

    Kindly suggest me a precise config mathching my need.

    I'd also love to talk to any dealer who could ship all this asap at prices stated above.
  2. drvarunmehta

    drvarunmehta New Member

    Nov 3, 2004
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    Asus A8N-VM - 4200
    Athlon64 3000+ - 6100
    Hynix/Transcend 512 MB DDR400 RAM - 2100
    Sony dual-layer burner - 2700
    Seagate 80 GB SATA - 2700
    17" LG CRT - 5200
    Cabinet+PS - 1500
    Logitech kbd+mouse - 750
    Creative Inspire 4.1 - 2750

    Total - 28000

    You need to increase your budget or cut down on less important stuff like 4.1 speakers.
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