Age of empires problem

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Hello everybody
I got my hands again on Age of empires gold edition. But this time I faced a problem. Blocks appear in place of words in the main menu and in the place of buttons. Also I have to put my CD in the drive each time I play.This was not the case last time. I had encountered similar problems when trying to play battlefield 1942. I used 3d analyse but to no avail. Is there any way out. My PC config.

win Me
1.6 Ghz processor
40 GB hard disk with 32 Gb free space.
256 Mb SDRAM
Prosavage DDR graphics (integrated).


most probably your font is corrupted or is missing....
There is a fonts directory in AOE which has the fonts required for AoE ... try to install them....

As fas as the second problem concerns.... You were using a cracked (illegal) version of the game...
Make a Image of the game and play it using a virtual drive...

Nero does the job very well.... Virtual CD is also very good...

Just google for them....
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