Advice on buying mp3 player,graphics card and ram.

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hi guys,
I have an amd athlon 64 3000+ system with 160gb seagate hdd 512 mb ram,pinnacle tv tuner card on asus a8v-vx motherboard having sony dvd-rw.
I have around 15000 at hand and want to buy these things:-
1)music player:-maximum capcity possible.i am thinking of ipod or such .woyld really like 30 gb.i dont need video playback.good enough quality would do.i am no audiophile.
2)graphics card:-a temporary setup till direct10 should just b enough to play all latest games maybe at low settings,frame rates be damned.
3)Ram:-my system is awfully slow,despite not that much load.i am planning another 1 gb addition.
4)racing wheel:-maybe the cheapest possible,may not be branded even.
Please help me how to go about buying all this and how to divide my budget.I know this mihgt be tough but i can leave out the graphics card/ram/wheel.pls try to fit in around 15000.
Thanking You.
Yours Sincerely,
ranjodh Dhaliwal,


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All....I know is 'bout the ram and gfx card!

For ram get another 512MB stick......

For graphics card, u can get a 7300GS for 4k-4.5k.....or a 7600GS for 8k.....
But I don't think u will wanna spend so much on the gfx card....coz u wanna get a nice mp3 player and other stuff.....
But a 7300GS would be good...


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Get the ipod video..its of 30gb nd 60gb. Its a hell lots of space if u gonna store only mp3s nd no mp4s.
as bour ram tell if u r usin ur current 512 in dual channel. if then get another 2x512 nd insert in the second set of slots to add them in those existing 2 channels.

As bout g card get the 7300GS for 4k[refer india sites like] or the 7300GT for 5k or even the 7600GS for 7~8k.
But as per ur description its the 7300GS which suits u. Decent one till DX10.

Racing wheels: get one from Logitech. The basic one has rumble feedback nd lots of switch. gr8 user satisfaction worldwide. Its around 4k.


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how much does 1pod 30gb retail in grey market,any idea?
how much will a 512mb ram stick cost.
how much will a 6600 based card cost?
how much does a 512mb and 1 gb mp3 player(maybe from local companies)cost?
pls help me if u have any ideas.
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