A Windows 2 In 1 Hybrid under 17000


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i want to buy a windows 2 in 1 mainly for small work like office , browsing ,watching movies .etc.

i want something with 3g sim card slot .

should i buy a lava twinpad or micromax laptabs or acer 2in 1 or something else.


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The Acer One 10 would be nice if you really do want to buy a hybrid. I think what you should actually get is a portable laptop. A light laptop. Which you can get for around 25k. The hybrids usually have bad build quality and very low memory. Try something else like a laptop around 15 inches with better processor and memory or a small & light one with atleast more memory. Like the following:
1. Yoga 300 [PQC/4GB/500GB/Touch/Windows 10/around 26k]
2. HP Pavilion 10-X2 n125TU[Atom x5/2GB/500GB/2in1/Windows 10/around 28k]
3. Dell Inspiron 15 3541[QuadCore A6/500GB/4GB/Ubuntu/around 19k]
4. Asus Eeebook X205TA[Atom QC/2GB/32GB/Windows 10/around 15k]

For 3G you can use a dongle or portable router. You will need a good specification on a laptop, otherwise it just isnt worth it.


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If you have a strict budget of Rs.17k, then go in for Micromax Canvas LapTab 2(LT777).
You won't regret.


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Lava Twinpad also looks quite promising.
Acer is an internationally branded company,but it does not mean that it will be the best and Lava or Micromax or Iball are the worst,just because they are Indian companies.
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