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A Treasure Chest of Good Jokes

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February 6, 2008, 5:25 pm
A Treasure Chest of Good Jokes

Wow, did I catch a nasty bug. Four days in bed, nothin’ but fluids and misery. Hope you don’t catch it. Wish FluTracker.com had let me know.

Anyway, as I emerged from the land of the dead, I was thinking about how, when I was sick as a boy, my mom used to cheer me up by giving me her Reader’s Digest magazines so I could read the joke columns.

So I wondered if those great jokes might be online at readersdigest.com — and sure enough, they are: thousands of them, far more than would fit in the magazine, all clustered into categories. Read more...

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Stay Silent!
Miraculous! I really wanted to get back to RD... and here I am.. thank u so much dear.
Get well soon... ;)
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