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A new Audio requirement!


A Droid in a Tux
wow! It's been a while since I posted anything in this forum.

I need help! I thought it might be great to ask here as someone might have faced this conundrum recently like me. So here goes!

The Problem Statement:

I am working on building a smart home setup in my humble abode. As I see it, my plans are to enable light automation, and media automation as a starting step. I've got the lights covered (Google Home + Google Home Mini + Amazon Echo Plus in different parts of the house) and the video is covered too (Amazon HD Firestick with Bravia, Chromecast with 32inch benq Monitor). I am now looking into building a smart audio experience at home. The Google Home and Amazon Echo Plus do not come with great speakers for music (although their voice clarity is the best I have heard to date).

Primarily for my not-so-tech-savvy parents, and secondarily for myself. They liked Alexa a lot, and with my Google Music Subscription at their disposal, all they really need are good speakers to listen to old music on.

What I need is this:

  1. Recommendations for speaker systems (not home theater devices with support for CD/DVD/BlueRay and stuff) within 15K (so no Bose speakers please) with good sound (preferably faithful neutral sound. Not really a fan of thumping bass)
  2. Recommendations for Home audio automation ideas.

What am I trying to achieve?

  1. An audio setup idea that helps cover the entire home (primary requirement: Music, secondary: Movies)
  2. A decent set of speakers that work with home assistants like Alexa and Google Home (incompatible but good speaker recommendations are also welcome, for which I will use a Chromecast Audio device)
  3. The ability to stream my music content (Google Play Music Subscription, Amazon Prime Music Subscription) to the speakers via voice command (either Google Home or Amazon Alexa)
  4. The ability to use the same speakers (via a multi source Aux cable?) with the Sony Bravia TV.

Any suggestions and ideas are welcome!
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