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A few doubts about the rig

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I am planning to buy this rig. I already have a 320gb hdd and a 17" LCD monitor.
I already have other products like speaker, ups, keyboard, mouse.
Asus P8z68m-pro - 10200
Core i5 2500k - 12300
Corsair vengeance 4 gb 1600mhz X2 - 3300
Corsair gs600 psu- 4000
nzxt source 220
msi amd hd6850 oc -9000
microsoft xbox360 windows controller - 1350
please tell the price of nzxt source 220. I think the rig would cost me around 43k. I'll buy a new hdd later when prices are down.

I have 2 questions regarding this rig:

1. I would like to overclock my i5 2500k upto 4 Ghz and thus considering to buy CM Hyper 212 evo cooler. Would it be a problem regarding space on motherboard when I install this cooler with a corsair vengeance RAM ?

2. Would this rig be future proof for atleast 3 years(for gaming at 720p) ?


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You've got an active thread on your rig and there also you've asked the same question. So why not wait for someone to respond there rather than making a new thread for it mate?


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Closing. Not going to answer if you create 100 threads everywhere.
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