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So, you guys are saying I can buy another 4G phone now and won't repent for 2-3 years?!

Hopefully, after 3 years when 5G is available at a lot of places, buy a new phone to enjoy it. Considering 5G's range restrictions, I don't think they will turn off 4G, like some players are doing with 3G. So 4G should continue & have good bandwidth in it for many more years, it will act as backup when you are out of a 5G tower range or inside your home where 5G signals aren't good.

Again, I will like to stress on "hopefully".


I think bullet train will arrive before 5G in India.
And what will we get from it?
OUT OF THE TOPIC Even we don't have basic facilities in our current railway system. Which is already running at a loss if not profit. Government should look to improvise the present railway system. Trains are still 24 hours late in 2020. It is just a money wasting exercise. The railway budget in 2019 - 1.6 Lakh crore. How much does India spend on it's education - 4.6% Only. Which does not always get utilized completely everytime.
Cost of 1 bullet train which will run only on 1 route - 1 Lakh crore.
And what will be the fare of it - Around 3000 Rs. Estimated.
And who will be going to use it? - Top 30 percent. Will poor people and daily wagers use it- NO.
Government should stop wasting money on these train projects and stupid statues.

And about that 5G network, It will atleast gonna take 5-6 years to become widely accepted.

I don't get signals sometimes in my room on Airtel sim in 4G network even in the Delhi in the metro city.

Look at 4G it is just a rebranded 3G. Expect something similar for 5G from our Network carriers.

5G is a gimmick in India in 2020 in mobiles to bring the more sales in.
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Well many first world countries already ha e rebranded 4g as 5g for whatever reason and propped up their prices

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