4th Gen Alienware Watch Thread.


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Dell Alienware M14X R3 Laptop (4th Gen Ci7/ 8GB/ 750GB/ Win8/ 2GB Graph) - Dell: Flipkart.com

Dell Alienware M14X R2 Laptop (4th Gen Ci7/ 8GB/ 750GB/ Win8/ 1GB Graph) - Dell: Flipkart.com

DDR5 GT750M in lower priced, and 765M DDR5 2GB in possibly higher priced models.
Both are 14inch , and 4700MQ.


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Alienware is not expensive its overpriced,

Expensive meaning = We can't call Mercedes, overpriced !...its expensive.


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There are reasons for overpricing, as we already know by now why import is implied and how suspiciously in India, those laptops which are exhibited in DELL site will claim heavy percentage of taxes IF they are not in display and that would mean hell for us.

Yes still its overpriced. check this site...

Alienware 17 - 2013 Edition Custom (Available with Haswell Processor) Pemmz Gaming Laptop

its where from i made my Xenom. But these links shows official pre-order and sales products. not custom made ones, coz Alienware do NOT allow any mod over their OEM COTS. This is the best price in indonesia.

Best bet to fetch from US from anyone who we know is there and coming back awhile...but not always we are that lucky. I was getting M18 4th Gen with whooping 780M SLI for around 1 L 50 here, but i opted for Clevo. Everyone knows why now :D
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