4GB RAM required

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I would like 2 get 2x2GB DDR2 800/667 Mhz RAM sticks for around 2k.

Also a COOLMASTER SMPS>400W for below 2k.


get it from a shop.. Reliance Fresh is a nice place to buy ram
:D@ jeffrain123 = You are selling your Intel 946GZIZ for Rs. 2000.00 and E6300 for Rs. 6500.00, and purchasing 4GB ram for 2K. Great, Kya Baat Hai:D


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y u want 2gb sticks n tht too 667mhz....it isnt wise to get 667 2gb sticks
get a 2gb x 2 ddr2 800 or 1gb x 4 sticks....latter being more VFM:).


since XFX NVIDIA 630i 7150 dont support dual channel it is unwise and not cheaper to go 4gb by 2x2 gb...u already have 2x1 gb just add 1x2 gb stck there...


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come to USA great prices here $40.00 (1.8k rs) after rebate brand new/free shipping from newegg.com same specs OCZ 2x2 gb DDR2 800mhz


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I have transcend 2 X 2GB DDR2 800. Will let it go for 3.4k shipped for both the 2GB sticks.lemme know if you are interested :)

They are just 3 days old, as good as new. Will provide the original bill as well :)
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