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40 to 43" FHD LED TV needed for Home use


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1. Budget?
Upto 70k INR

2. Display type and size?
48" to 50" LED FULL HD

3. Primary use of Tv/monitor?
It will be hooked to the HD DTH, occasional HDD/USB playback of FHD movies.

4. Ports Required?
2 or more HDMIs and USB (is there anything else? )

5. Preferred choice of brand?
Sony, LG, Samsung (in this order)

6. Any TV/monitor in consideration?
Not Yet

7. Any other info that you want to share.
No need of any smart features.. 3D not needed.
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Re: 40 to 43" FHD LED TV needed for Home use

Sry guys, need a bigger TV

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My uncle recently bought the 32 inch version of LGf6300 model.I found it good and the Web OS is nice.

More info on WebOS please!! Some of the features?

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You can find sony one for around 60k. And lg one for around 55k. Soo well sony is expensive

That model has 3D and Android TV as well.. So deadly cheap!!


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Yes.. The one with Triluminous display is expensive. But that model is 950c not 800c for which I've quoted the price(since i bought it for 60k)
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